Darth Talon Cosplay by Amber Brite

Lifelike flexibility, high arch for visibility.

You can get them made in either latex, or a latex-free synthetic rubber. Either way, they are made to wiggle when you walk, pull over your shoulder, and crease just like real skin would. And the high arch of them adds to the realism, making them more visible from any angle.

That means all your cosplay photos at conventions and events will look that much more real, with these lekku!

Easy to accessorize, easier to paint

Whether you’re looking to do a hat, a headband, a helmet, of even just go bare forehead, our lekku are a fantastic fit. They’ll stay in place on your head very well on their own, which leaves you free to add whatever details help complete your look.

Plus, they can be painted with all kinds of paint! Use acrylics for a more permanent look, or paint them with your bodypaint so it can be washed and repainted later. Even tattoos and markings are easy to add without any fuss.

Hera Cosplay from Star Wars: Rebels by Amber Brite

Lightweight comfort for all-day wearing.

Let’s face it, wearing big props on your head can be tiring even on the best of days. That’s why we gave special attention to the weight of our lekku, to ensure they were as light as possible while still keeping all those lifelike qualities we love. They’re so comfortable to wear, we’ve had no problem wearing them from dawn till dusk on the convention floor.

A length that’s just right.

Not too short, not too long, these lekku reach to the middle of your back. It’s the perfect length giving them that excellent wiggle, while not being so long you’re accidentally sitting on them!

Helpful tutorials for Twi’lek cosplayers!

There’s more to cosplaying a Twi’lek than just wearing head tails, of course. Which is why I have a number of handy guides available on all kinds of Twi’lek topics! Learn how to handle bodypaint, or what to do about a costume that really looks like it came right out of the Star Wars universe! I have new tutorials coming in all the time, so check back for more, later!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cosplay lekku made out of?

The lekku themselves are cast out of high-grade latex (or, for those who choose it, a synthetic, latex-free rubber). This gives them a distinct advantage over lekku made from silicone. Latex is much easier to paint (any bodypaint or flexible acrylic will work just fine) and much easier to glue things to. Latex lekku also grip to your forehead better, so it’s less likely to slide around while you’re wearing it at a convention.

How do you make the lekku?

First, I started with a clay sculpture of the lekku. Then, using materials like plasters and resins, I made a mold of that sculpture.After cleaning the clay out of the mold, I can pour my casting latex into the mold to form the ‘skin’ of the lekku. Once the latex dries, I fill them with foam to make sure they keep their shape!

They’re very expensive! Can you teach me how to make my own?

Custom made props like this can be expensive to purchase, sometimes! Part of that is because I spend several hours making each one, especially if I am painting it for you. These don’t come out of a factory – they are all hand crafted one at a time by me personally.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend making them yourself, though – it took me years of practice and thousands of dollars in materials before I mastered how to make cosplay lekku of my own. Even just your first attempt can cost $500 USD or more, for all the starting materials you need.

You could try your hand at making them out of fabric, though. In my experience, they never look quite as real, and often times you’ll wind up spending just as much money as you would have from buying them pre-made. But, if you’d like to try, there are many great guides out there from Twi’lek cosplayers who are much more talented with fabric than I am! Give it a shot!

Are your lekku as flexible as silicone lekku?

Absolutely! The thing that makes lekku flexible isn’t whether it’s latex or silicone – it’s what they’re stuffed with. If you fill your lekku with stiff foam, or pillow stuffing? They’ll never quite bend right, always creasing at odd angles. So I spent years seeking out the perfect thing to fill them with… and I found it. Now, my lekku are super flexible and can be pulled over the shoulder without hurting or looking awkward in photos.

Are these approvable with the 501st or Rebel Legion?

They sure are! I’ve double and triple checked the CRLs for all the major Star Wars Costuming Clubs (501st Legion, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, Dark Empire). These lekku are specifically designed to pass the approval test for all of them. In fact, several Star Wars cosplayers have already been approved using my props! Getting approved with the clubs is a challenging goal, well worth pursuing, and I always want my props to be up to the test.

Do you do other aliens, too?

I do a whole range of aliens for Star Wars cosplayers! Whether you’re looking for Zabrak Horns, Togruta Montrals, Nautolan Headpieces, Cyborg Eye Pieces, or maybe even something totally off the wall, I have it all. Check out my Prop Shop and see all the other things I have available!

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