Hey Guys! This is a short series of tutorials for people who have purchased (or just want to know more!) my “Ahsoka” Adult Togruta Lekku Headpiece! There are three main options for the headpiece:

  • Unassembled “Do-It-Yourself” Kit
  • Assembled but Unpainted
  • Fully Painted

The previous two sections covered unassembled and unpainted kits, so from here on out the tutorials will apply to everyone, as your new lekku should be fully painted and ready to go! Now the next question is… how do you wear the darn thing?!

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy!


First things first, some definitions.

  • Montrals
    • This is the top with the horns where your head will go. It is made of a stiffer foam to help it keep its shape.
  • Lekku
    • The two identical tendrils that will go by the sides of your head and fall forward on your chest.
  • Rear Lekku
    • The larger tendril that goes along your back.

1. Tools & Supplies Needed

Here’s the list the tools and supplies you’ll need:

  1. Just Your Hands!
  2. Scissors(Optional)
    • The foam will dull them so make sure they’re sturdy!
  3. Rubber contact cement(Optional)
    • I recommend Barge, it’s readily available at most hardware stores, dries fairly quickly, and has great hold.
    • Useful ifyou plan to glue on a crown or any other type of head adornment!

2. Making Room Inside for Your Head

You have a painted headpiece. It’s gorgeous. You’re so excited! But… that headspace… it’s so small! That’s okay, it’s super simple to get it so it fits perfectly comfortable.

  1. This is super simple, but you want to take your time with it. Place one hand on the outside of the headpiece. This will allow you to feel if you are getting “too close” to ripping a hole in the outside.
  2. Then just simply pinch a bit in your fingers (you can use your knife to cut a gash if you need help getting started) and gently rip thin layers at a time out.
  3. Try her on repeatedly until you’re happy with how she fits.
    • She should sit fairly far back on your head — my Ahsoka sits almost exactly along my hairline. It’s going to feel a bit awkward but this is about right.
  4. If you have longer hair, you can create a small “pocket” where the rear lekku comes out in the back.
    • Simply rip a slightly bigger area there and when you go to wear her you can put your hair in that pocket and it will sit comfortably.
  5. If you rip “too much” and she’s now loose, that’s OK. You can pad the inside with some upholstery foam or craft foam. This can be a pain though so I really do recommend taking it slowly and ripping only until she’s comfortable!

3. Trimming Up the Edges

If you had me assemble/paint your togruta, I’ve already done this! Yay!


If you purchased it unassembled, you’ll notice a small bit of messiness around the edge of the face. This is called “flashing” and is a normal part of molds. Just take a pair of sharp scissors and slowly cut it away! It should be pretty obvious where to cut. Remember when cutting that “less is more!” You don’t want to cut away too much and be stuck with a headpiece that doesn’t look right!

4. Adding Crowns & Headwraps

Once you have the headpiece sitting correctly on your head, you might notice that the sides don’t quite sit perfectly against your cheeks! This is normal – everyone’s head is different, so it won’t always match. This is why every Twi’lek & Togruta in the live action movies always has some sort of head wrap – to hide the seam along their face!

If you’re doing Ahsoka, and bought the crown I sell with the headpiece, you’ll simply glue it to the headpiece directly using rubber cement! I find giving it about a pinky’s width of overhang below the headpiece generally looks the most natural. You’ll also want to cut a piece of fabric/faux leather to make the shape of the headpiece, and glue that to the end of the crown. You can glue it to the headpiece if you want – I didn’t on mine and it sits just fine. This helps head the seam along your cheeks!

If you’re doing a custom character, the sky is the limit! Get creative and have fun! Think of the headwrap like earrings – Togruta don’t have ears, so they have to get some jewelry in somehow!

And there you have it! Your new Togruta headpiece is set and ready to wear! Give it some time to dry if you just glued anything to it, then try it on and send me some selfies! You can always message me on Facebook if you have any questions, or just wanna send me pics!

Our final tutorial is going to cover proper care & maintenance for your new headpiece, to make sure it stays clean and pretty for as long as possible!

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