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The Alien Costume You Always Wanted

Star Wars aliens are the best.  There’s so much variety, so much freedom in them.  I personally love how no matter how wild my Twi’lek original character concept gets, everyone still recognizes, “You’re from Star Wars!”

This shop contains all of the props and prosthetics I’ve created that you can use to create your own alien!  We’ll break it down into a couple categories: Lekku, Horns, and Other.

P.S. If there’s an alien you’re dying to cosplay that isn’t listed here, please message me!  I might be able to help!

Didn’t see what you were looking for?  Please don’t hesitate to message me!  I am always working on new props, and if you have an suggestion for a prop I’m missing, I would be happy to work with you on bringing another alien to life!

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