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Zabrak Horns (Savage Opress)


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  • Resin Cast
  • 9 Horns
  • Modeled after Savage Opress from Star Wars: Clone Wars
  • Can be easily painted any color
  • 501st CRL Approved



A set of Zabrak horns inspired by the character Savage Opress from Star Wars: The Clone Wars! Can also be used as a set of horns for any demon or other fantasy type character.

This set has NINE (9) horns in it: six larger horns of two unique sculpts (three large ones for the front and three slightly smaller ones for the back) as well as three small horns for the temples and the back of the head. This set meets 501st specifications for Savage Opress’s CRLs.

These horns are solid cast in an extremely light-weight resin. This means they are durable and endlessly re-usable. They can also be attached directly to the skin or glued to a bald cap or other headpiece. Due to their size, we recommend a high quality adhesive such as Pros-Aide to keep them in place.

These horns can be purchased unpainted, painted in the Default Savage Opress style, or custom painted.

Please message us with any custom requests or questions!

(NOTE: The picture only has EIGHT horns in it but the set comes with NINE, three of each.)

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1 in


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