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Gunana (ConSafe Foam Pistol)

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  • Con-safe banana-themed pistol made out of a soft, squishy foam.
  • Can be purchased either as an unpainted kit or painted in the ‘default’ style.
  • Should pass most convention center prop bans.
  • Further customization is possible, please message me for further details.



What’s a cosplayer to do when your favorite conventions and events ban out your weapons? Point menacingly? Thumbs up? Sport that banana all day?!

Here’s an a-peel-ling prospect: slip something else into your holster that won’t squish or rot. Introducing, the gun-nana!

This peel-stol is made out of a single cast of soft, flexible foam — a completely safe squeeze for any con-goer. Whether you’re a Judge, a Rebel scum, or even a Merc with a Mouth, this prop will have you feeling more than just ‘K’ even when your guns have to stay at home.

You can purchase the raw cast option (second picture) which will come as a single bright yellow or white foam prop ready to use or to paint and customize yourself. Or select the fully finished option (first picture) and let me paint it up for a piece that will be bunches of fun!

The time is ripe, grab your gun-nana today!

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 6 in


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