Marvel’s X-Men

First Cosplayed: January 2016

Highlights of costume:
Custom Sculpted Skulls for belt & forehead
Stretch Vinyl Bodysuit
Wig by: Arda Wigs
Bodypaint: Endura (European Body Art)

Video Game Props

Small Flat Backed Skull


Mystique’s Skull Belt

Mystique’s belt full of skulls was a bit of a challenge, because at the time, I’d never done any sculpting and casting at all, before!  So this was actually one of my very first sculpts ever.

There are about 14 skulls on Mystique’s belt. Each one has to be cast up individually, one at a time.  Once they’re all made, I hit them with a light sanding on the back to smooth them out a bit.  Then painted them gold with spraypaint.

The final step is the blackwash, where I rub black paint into all the cracks and crevices to make them look dirty and worn.  It’s such an important step, I definitely recommend looking up guides to blackwashing for any armor or prop you make!

Bodypaint Tutorials

Getting into bodypainting for the first time can be super intimidating!  Mystique especially requires a lot of bodypaint, depending on which version you cosplay.  I wrote up a handful of tutorials about how to get into bodypainting though, so go check those out!

Mystique Prints & Digital Photosets

At the moment I do not have any Mystique prints of photosets available, but hopefully some new ones are coming soon!  If this is a set you’re really interested in, message me on Instagram or Facebook and let me know!  It always helps to know what you want to see, so I know what to make a priority in shooting next!

In the meantime, here’s some other X-Men and Marvel characters I’ve done in the past, so you can check those out!

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