Mortal Kombat

First Cosplayed: March 2018

Highlights of costume:
Custom Sculpted Monster Teeth
Metallic Spandex Bodysuit
Wig by: Epic Cosplay

Mileena’s Monster Teeth

These teeth were the main reason I wanted to do this cosplay.  I absolutely love when I get to do characters that are as creepy and scary as they are sexy.  And Mileena was just perfect.  I don’t ever wear her mask, because, how could I cover up these beautiful pearly whites of hers?

I sculpted the teeth prosthetics out of clay and made a quick mold of them.  They’re done in four separate pieces – the top and bottom row, of both sides. The teeth will actually move with my mouth when I talk, and make it look like my mouth opens much wider than it really does!

I apply the cosplay teeth with a skin-safe glue called Pros-Aid.  It’s a strong adhesive designed for medical prosthetics, and it can last all day long at a convention without peeling away.  I swear by it.  Once the prosthetic is applied, I spend time using an edge filler to blend in the seams so that it’s smooth against my skin.  Then apply makeup as normal, and you can’t even tell where the latex ends and my real face begins!

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Mileena Prints & Digital Photosets

There’s a whole list of cosplay photos I’ve done with Mileena!  She’s one of my favorite characters to do shoots with because there’s just soooo much to work with there.  She’s creepy, she’s sexy, she has that fearsome stare… Take a look and see what you think!

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