League of Legends

First Cosplayed: March 2017

Highlights of costume:
Carved foam spider legs
Strapless chestpiece ‘carapace’
Wig by: Epic Cosplay

Elise’s Spider Legs

There were a lot of challenges to getting these legs to work.

For one, Elise’s costume is nearly completely backless, with nowhere to actually attach the legs to. Two, appendages that long, have to weigh next to nothing, or the weight of them will break them off within the first few steps you take.

Ultimately, I settled on making them out of ultra-lightweight pink insulation foam. Several boards glued together and then carved down.

Each segment velcros together, which is a decision I made so that if anyone accidentally bumps them, or if they catch on something, they don’t immediately snap in half – the velcro will give way first, and make them very easy to reattach without needing a repair station.