Darth Talon

Star Wars

First Cosplayed: January 2019

Highlights of costume:
Custom made Twi’lek headpiece
Armor made of Sintra & Terraflex
Bodypaint brand: Endura

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Talon’s High Arch Lekku

These lekku were a custom sculpt that I spent years working on to perfect. Twi’leks were one of the first cosplays I ever got into when I first started, and I always dreamed of making my own super lifelike lekku one day. Finally getting to put these on my head was like a dream come true.

I designed them to have a bit of that high arch like you see in so many Darth Talon fan arts & figurines. Not quite as cartoon-y as some of the art makes it, I wanted it to evoke that feeling but still be very realistic and lifelike. And I’m really happy with how I accomplished it! They are very visible from practically any photo angle, and I’m really happy with that.

My other goal was to make them much more flexible while still keeping that lifelike skin appearance, which was a huge challenge. It took years of experimenting with different shapes and materials to find the right combination, but I absolutely love the effect I get from the final product.

Check out the Lekku on my store

Darth Talon’s Armor

Curiously, the armor was the easiest part of the build – probably because there’s not that much of it!

Each piece was made using Sintra – a lightweight, durable plastic (also known as Expanded PVC). It’s usually used commercially for things like outdoor signs, so its really stands up well against the elements, but is easy to shape and cut once you heat it up.

For the pockmarked texturing, I went and found some broken pieces of concrete, heated up the armor, and beat up the armor plates while they were still soft from the heat. It took a few applications but it worked like a charm!

Then, it was painted with silver paint. For details I added some black & brownwashing to help make the dents pop, plus some minor ‘rust’ painting for extra effect.

Oh, and the rivets? Those are just googly eyes. Worked perfectly for what I needed!

Bodypaint Tutorials

Darth Talon is probably one of the most intimidating Twi’lek cosplays to tackle, with the sheer amount of skin that needs painting, as well as those intricate tattoos all over her body. That’s why I wrote up a series of tutorials dedicated to bodypainting and how to get started without breaking the bank!  Take a look!

Darth Talon Prints &
Digital Photosets

Darth Talon has a handful of prints and digital photosets available at the moment, and there’s definitely some more to come in the future!  I absolutely love cosplaying her and I have some really interesting ideas for future Fan Art outfits of hers.


Darth Talon (Print)