Street Fighter

First Cosplayed: March 2015

Highlights of costume:
Latex Bodysuit
Gloves made in EVA foam wrapped in vinyl
Wig by: Epic Cosplay

Cammy’s Latex Bodysuit

When I’m working to build new costumes, I always like to look for opportunities to work with new and interesting materials.  Cammy’s bodysuit seemed like the perfect chance to try my hand at working with latex sheeting for the first time.  And it worked like a charm!

Latex is very unique, because it’s not a true fabric.  You don’t sew it, there’s no thread or anything like that.  You’re basically gluing sheets of stretchy colored rubber together, so it feels a lot more like “building” something instead of normal seamstress work.

Wearing it is super cool though!  Latex can be hard to get into, but once it’s on, it sort of… adheres to your skin a little bit.  So everything just stays in place really well, and almost feels like you’re not wearing anything at all.  It’s pretty luxurious, I really enjoy it!  I have a lot of other latex cosplays I want to do, but I was glad I started my latex journey with Cammy because she was an easy one to learn on!

Cammy Prints & Digital Photosets

Cammy is part of a small bundle of Street Fighter characters I’ve done!  There are a handful of prints from the original shoot, but there may be more to come soon as I want to revamp her and do another shoot one last time before I retire her for good.

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