Asari Dancer

Mass Effect

First Cosplayed: November 2016

Highlights of costume:
Metallic Spandex Bodysuit
Headpiece by: The Mad Masker
Bodypaint: Endura (European Body Art)

Head to Toe Bodypaint

Bodypainting head-to-toe is no joke. It’s definitely not something I would recommend to beginners. It takes a lot of paint, a lot of patience, and a bit of luck!

Since we knew the outfit was white, we had to make sure it wouldn’t smudge and ruin the outfit mid-shoot. That was why we chose Endura by European Body Art for the job. As bodypaints go, it’s one of the most durable. I’ve worn it for 6 days straight, even through showering, and it won’t budge until the remover is applied. This stuff is fantastic.

Plus, it comes in all sorts of colors, is easy to mix, and specially designed to work with airbrushes. That makes it much easier to get a nice, even coating.

A bodypaint like this takes about 2 hours, and is done in 3 layers – light base coat to get started, then a heavier coat to achieve the color all over, and finally a touchup coat to even it out and make sure it’s a smooth, consistent color.

After that, you apply incredible amounts of powder (makeup finishing powder, talc powder, or baby powder will do just fine) to make sure none of the paint is sticky, and tada! You’re ready for a shoot!

Bodypaint Tutorials

Getting into bodypainting for the first time can be super intimidating!  But I wrote a few guides which will help you get started. Check them out!

Asari Dancer Prints & Digital Photosets

There’s a couple of awesome goodies from this photoshoot, like a digipack, and a unique in-universe print. I also made some custom leggings themed after the asari dancer, which are available in several sizes!

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