Ahsoka Tano

Star Wars: Rebels

First Cosplayed: February 2016

Highlights of costume:
Custom made Togruta headpiece
Armor made of Sintra & Terraflex
Bodypaint brand: Temptu

Ahsoka’s Armor

For my Ahsoka cosplay, I made her armor out of a several materials to get the look that I wanted. The base of each piece if made out of Sintra – a lightweight, incredibly sturdy plastic that is easy to shape with heat.  I tend to prefer working with Sintra over Worbla because Sintra is a lot more durable and retains it’s shape for a lot longer.  It’s a bit harder to work with though, so it did take quite a bit of practice to learn how to do some of the more complex shapes with it.

Once I had the basic shapes down, I used Terraflex for the details and additional layers.  Terraflex is very, very similar to Worbla in almost every way, except it’s manufactured by Tandy Leather which I happen to live very close to!  It’s great for detail work, and has a specific grainy texture to it once it’s been heated.  Normally, you’d want to coat & sand that grainy texture away, but I really liked it for the “rough metal” appearance it gave the armor, so I kept the texture in!

Ahsoka Tano Cosplay from Star Wars Rebels by Amber Brite
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Ahsoka’s Togruta Headpiece (Montrals)

Ahsoka’s montrals were one of the first large props I ever made!  They’re made with a synthetic rubber, and are actually 4 separate pieces – 3 tails and the main head – which are assembled together and made to look like one single headpiece.  It was very important that I make them as comfortable as possible, so that I could wear my Ahsoka cosplay for hours upon hours at conventions.  And they really are comfortable!  It’s like having a giant, Togruta shaped pillow on your head.

Check out the Montrals on my store

Bodypaint Tutorials

One of the more difficult parts of cosplay Ahsoka is the bodypaint.  Not only do you have the specific orange color, but also those pure white facial tattoos, and no eyebrows either!  I wrote up a handful of tutorials about how to get into bodypainting though, including a full blown in depth guide to bodypainting for Ahsoka herself.  Take a look!

Ahsoka Prints

There is one print style left of my old Ahsoka costume, but it’s not only one of my all time favorites, it’s also one of my best selling.  The Darth Vader back there isn’t photoshopped – that’s actually my brother-in-law, who is extremely tall, and just so happens to own a Vader costume.  So he posed for the shot and it was soooo epic I love it!


Ahsoka & Vader (Print)