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Each Tier has its perks, so you can show your support in multiple ways!  And as I upgrade the website, more perks will become available to subscribers, as well.  Maybe you just want to toss enough for a couple coffees at me?  Or you’re only interested in some con-friendly cosplays, and don’t need that much of Amber’s cleavage in your life?  Join the Basic Tier!  I promise a minimum amount of boobs!

Or if you like boobs, and other things, you can also look at the Fanservice Tier!  It’s probably my favorite tier, full of fun, jiggly goodness.

Or if you’re feeling super spicy, you can always open the Vault Tier, and get full access to every photoshoot I’ve ever done.  Up to you!  So many options!

Basic Tier
  • 1-2 Photoshoots /mo
  • “Convention Friendly” Costumes
  • (No Lewd or Risque Photos!)
  • Free Discord & Snapchat Access For Life!
Vault Tier
  • Every Photoshoot EVER
  • Super Sexy/Revealing Photos!
  • Free Discord & Snapchat Access For Life!
  • PLUS 50% off all physical prints!

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