Basic Tier Rewards

Basic Tier is all about digital photosets of a more family-safe variety!  Get 1-2 photosets a month, and the pleasure of knowing your pledge helps keep me creating new art! ❤️

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Fanservice Tier Rewards

The Fanservice Tier gets all the same photos as the Basic Tier, PLUS additional SAUCY photosets each month! Enjoy all kinds of lingerie, boudoir, and pinup style cosplay in this tier!

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Print Tier Rewards

The Print Tier gets all the same digital rewards as the Basic & Fanservice Tiers, but ALSO gets access to a special, exclusive, never-sold-elsewhere physical print mailed straight to your door!

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Vault Tier Rewards

The Vault Tier not only gets all of the above rewards, but it ALSO gets full access to every single digital photoshoot since the beginning!  A FANTASTIC way to catch up on all the great content you’ve missed from previous months!

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Vault Tier has dozens of rewards dating back to my early cosplay days – more than I can fit here on this page!  To view them all, give us a click!