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Who am I?

Hello! My name is Amber Brite! If you’re here right now, you probably already know a little bit about me, but let’s take a moment to go over the basics.

A Full Time Prop-Maker
A few years ago, I quit my day job, and dove into the wild world of making costume props for a living. I don’t work in the movie industry or anything like that (although that’s still my dream, one day!) instead I make costume pieces for cosplayers all around the world! I’m best known for a lot of the Star Wars aliens I’ve brought to life, such as Twi’leks, Togruta, and Nautolans.

A Cosplayer
Cosplay is my passion! And when I’m not creating new props for my store, or fulfilling orders for customers, I spend my spare time making costumes for myself! It’s so much fun, one of my favorite things to do. It also helps me market the props that I make by cosplaying the aliens I’ve created to help spread the word about them. I get to travel to conventions all over, serving as a cosplay guest, judging costume conventions, and adding a special extra touch of fun to the show.

A Model
One of the other things I love doing is posing for photoshoots! This is usually related to cosplay; modeling as different characters is a ton of fun! But I also enjoy doing shoots in latex, lingerie, and even implied nude. I love getting the chance to feel super sexy. It makes you feel like a badass that could take on the world, it’s so empowering. I love it.

An Educator
I love, love, love sharing my knowledge and experience with the world! I’ve written several tutorials for cosplayers on my website, and hosted more cosplay panels than I can count. Cosplay is for everyone, and I want to make sure everyone who wants to cosplay has the tools and skills they need to achieve their goals.

A Gamer
When I’m not doing this stuff, I’m probably off playing video games! (Or watching cat videos on YouTube, let’s be real. Or singing along to a musical. #HamFam) I mostly play MMOs or RPGs, and I’m absolutely terrible at first person shooters. My current obsession is Guild Wars 2, which I will probably keep playing until the servers shut down, and I’m eagerly awaiting a new Dragon Age game!

What is the Britelite Club?

As a full time prop-maker, owning my own small business, there’s a few big challenges. First, is making sure ends meet for bills each month. Some months, sales are fantastic and I’m scrambling to get everything done! Other months, I’m scrambling to try to get enough orders to pay rent.

Second, a lot of people out there still frown upon girls who like to do sexier photoshoots. A lot of people struggle with the idea that I can be both a prop maker, and a model. They want me to fit cleanly into one box or the other. But I don’t. I’m both of those things. Which can make it hard for anyone to take me seriously. I’ve even had some people try to use my sexier photoshoots to attack me in the past.

So the Britelite Club helps me solve both problems. It serves as a secure amount of money each month that I can count on to be there, and helps ease the roller coaster of living on sales. It lets me feel okay taking more time to work on costumes for myself. And it gives me a place where I can do those super sexy photoshoots, and give them to the people who want them, without having people try to use them against me all the time. The Britelite Club is, quite literally, one of the few things that keeps me sane anymore!

A Cosplay of Poison Ivy during the Holidays
Subscription Tiers

  • 1-2 Monthly Photoshoots
    Photoshoots rotate each month
    After 30 days Photos are sealed in the Vault
  • “SFW” (Safe for Work) Tier
  • 1-2 Monthly Photoshoots
    Photoshoots rotate each month
    After 30 days Photos are sealed in the Vault
  • “NSFW” (NOT Safe for Work) Tier
    Photos are often revealing, lewd, & very sexy!
  • 50% off all Digital Photopacks!
Thank You!!!
You’ll get my undying gratitude, thank you very much for your support!  Oh and every now and then, I also throw some special surprises at my $1 club members, so you never do know what to expect!
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Other ways you can support me!

Want to support my work, but not necessarily join a membership?  Looking for options that don’t exist in the tiers?  First of all, thank you very much!  Here are some ways that you can show your support!

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