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The Britelite Club is an exclusive membership here on my website!  If you’re familiar with Patreon, it’s a little similar – you can subscribe to different tiers, and get monthly rewards & exclusive content!

Support a growing artist!

As a full time artist, I rely on the support of my fans and my customers to pay the bills each month.  My prop sales continue to grow each year, which I am eternally thankful for, but it’s subscribers on the club that help fill in that final bit to make sure I can pay my mortgage on time!

I’m so very grateful for the members who have given their hard earned money to me, and I want to work hard to provide truly worthwhile rewards to members in return.  As the club continues to grow, I want to continue to add new perks to existing members, to show my gratitude for all your support.

Three Tiers to Choose From

Basic Tier

Grants you full access to 1-2 new photoshoots every month!  These photoshoots will cover a wide variety of cosplay and modelling, updated with new content every 2 weeks or so.

Photos in this tier are generally the things I also wear to conventions (i.e. nothing too risque) so you might recognize a few of them from seeing me in person!

Fanservice Tier

The “Fanservice” Tier grants you 2+ photoshoots a month, including all the same photos as the Basic Tier, PLUS some extra Fanservicey, sexy, way-too-revealing photos as well!  Sometimes it will be an exclusive shoot just for Fanservice subscribers, other times it will be the same costume as the Basic tier gets, but with double the photos!

ALSO!  You get 50% off any of my digipacks!  Digipacks are my digital photosets from previous months, available for fans to purchase a la carte.  That way if you missed a really good one, you can pick it up at half price!

Vault Tier

For those people who really want to, you can also subscribe to this high priced tier to support me financially in a really big way.  I am eternally indebted to each and every one of my Vault Dwellers for their support, and honestly no gift feels like enough, but I’m gonna try my best.

Vault Tier members get full, unfettered access to my entire library of photos.  Every Britelite Club shoot I’ve ever done, since the beginning, is yours.  PLUS, I’ll also throw in 50% off any physical prints you buy on my print shop.  You deserve so much more, and hopefully as the club grows I can give more back to you!

There’s also a number of freebies that EVERY tier gets, like free, lifetime access to my private snapchat! (Warning, I am kinda bad at updating Snapchat.  But hey, it’s free!)  Also, lifetime supporter status on my Discord, which includes a private supporter chat to hang out & play video games in!

There’s plenty of rewards to enjoy, and I plan to add more in the future as well!

Join the Free Newsletter for Britelite Club Updates!

Don’t forget to join the mailing list!  Whether you’re a club member or not, I send out all kinds of updates on new photos, tutorials, and other fun stuff!  It’s totally free to join and a great way to see what I’m up to lately!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll get the most common question taken care of first.  I do not do full nude, sorry!

When it makes sense for the character, I will do lingerie or extremely revealing versions, sometimes even implied nude (where I’m not wearing anything but still cleverly covered), but no naughty bits will ever appear on camera.

I also try not to sexualize characters that really probably shouldn’t be sexualized.  For example, no child characters, or characters that children tend to really, really look up to.  Just a personal choice of mine, not something I want to portray.

Nope!  Join when you like, leave when you like!  Join again later if you like!  I have plenty of regular subscribers who leave for months or years at a time, only to come back later!  You are under no obligation to stay, I promise.

Just make sure you double check your paypal to ensure any subscriptions are cancelled.  I cannot guarantee a refund if you mistakenly subscribe for longer than intended!

At the moment, just Paypal.  While I do accept other forms of payment on other parts of my website, it’s much easier for me to manage the Club if all payments are coming in through Paypal together.

I’m sorry, I know this leaves some people out who can’t use Paypal.  But for the moment it is the only service I can offer you.

I am truly honored by how often this question comes up!  This is one of the biggest features I miss from my old Patreon, and I’m looking into a way to bring it back for you.  In the meantime, please contact me on Facebook and we can look into arranging something!  Thank you for even considering this, I am truly grateful!

Absolutely!  Depending on what you’d like to discuss, here are some options:

If you’d like to compliment any of my photo sets, the best way you could do so is actually to comment on my public Facebook or Instagram posts, especially on the posts advertising the Britelite Club!  FB & IG tend to really downgrade my posts whenever I talk about the Club, so any comment helps remind the algorithms that people like my stuff!  I read each & every comment every day, and try to respond when I have the time, so don’t be shy!

If you have questions about a specific service, or other matter, you can DM me on Facebook or IG and I will respond when I can.

And if you just wanna chat & hang out, Discord is definitely the best place for that!

Other ways you can support me!

Want to support my work, but not necessarily join a membership?  Looking for options that don’t exist in the tiers?  First of all, thank you very much!  Here are some ways that you can show your support!

I accept tips!
Get me something on Amazon!
Sign up for my Newsletter!
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