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Amber Brite Props

Hello!  My name is Amber Brite, a professional prop-maker from Arizona, and this here is my website! Here you’ll find all sorts of things to help you get into cosplay: tutorials that teach you everything from how to make armor to how to get into bodypaint.  You’ll also find a store full of cosplay props that help you get a headstart on your own cosplays!

Latest Tutorial

Akul Teeth Headdress Instructions

Put together your own brand new pair of Akul Teeth for your Ahsoka Tano cosplay! This guide goes over the full assembly of my Akul Teeth Prop for Clone Wars

Star Wars Alien Headpieces

Looking to become an alien for your next cosplay?  Maybe a Zabrak, Twi’lek, Togruta, or Nautolan?  Not only do I sell custom props for each species, but I also have loads of tutorials you can check out!

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