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Twi'lek & Togruta Cosplay Headpieces

High quality lekku that swing and sway as you walk, and look so realistic people will want to reach out and touch them just to be sure.

Perfect Flexibility, Lifelike Movement

By using only the most flexible silicone, foam, and synthetic rubber, these lekku swing and sway more realistically when you move than any other. Their motion is perfect for fan videos, dance performances and more.

  • Comes pre-painted in any color or design.  Or buy unpainted and do it yourself!
  • Wiggles and sways behind you when you walk.
  • Curl around your neck for that luxurious look.
  • Several sizes & styles available.

Available Styles

"Talon" Silicone Lekku

"Talon" Silicone Lekku

Top quality lekku made from silicone.  Smooth, life-like skin texture, extremely flexible.  Wrap it around your neck for that luxurious look, or let them swing behind you for dramatic effect!

"Hera" Foam Lekku

"Hera" Foam Lekku

Made from a latex-free foam, these lekku have all the flexibility of silicone, but sacrifice that skin-like texture in favor of a lighter weight. Made to be attached to hats or helmets.

Fisto" Nautolan Lekku

Fisto" Nautolan Lekku

Using a combination of stiffer latex for the head, and flexible foam for the tails, this twelve-tentacled monster is surprisingly comfortable!

"Tano" Teenage Montrals

"Tano" Teenage Montrals

This Togruta headpiece is for the young padawan in all of us.  Short lekku made of latex-free foam, making them lightweight and comfortable to wear. (Made to fit smaller heads)

"Ahsoka" Young Adult Montrals

"Ahsoka" Young Adult Montrals

These latex-free montrals are styled after a young adult Togruta, in their early 20s.  The montrals are made stiffer to keep their shape, while the lekku are made more flexible to allow them to bounce and move as you walk.

Lekku F.A.Q.

There are some questions that I receive often, so I wanted to take some time to give you guys the answers you are looking for! Of course, if you have questions that aren’t answered here, you are more than welcome to email me for more information. I am always happy to help.

It’s a pretty involved process.  It took me several years of practice, trial and error, and wasting materials to find out how to do it.  The basics are pretty easy to summarize, though.  I start with a clay sculpture, then I create a mold around the clay.  Once the mold has set, I pull it open and clean out the clay.  Then I can start pouring in silicone or foam, to make actual lekku!

This is just a summary of course.  A more in depth explanation won’t really fit on this page here, but there are plenty of guides in my tutorials section that might help.

It depends on which set of lekku we’re talking about!  Each one is just a little different, and all of them are labelled within their specific product page.

However, I tend to use a combination of things:

  • High grade casting silicone
  • Two part expanding foam
  • Synthetic rubber

Each was chosen for its flexibility, and there are pros and cons to each.  For example, silicone is the most lifelike, but it’s also really heavy & can’t be painted.  So while I love it, I also try to offer sets that aren’t so heavy by using the synthetic rubber, etc.

Not at all!  Latex is a fantastic material for lots of reasons, and I’ve used it in several costumes.  Some of the props in my store are made with latex.  Even entire outfits, like my Fusion Zero Suit Samus, are made with latex “fabric.”  I chose not to use it for my lekku however, because I was looking for something with more flexibility.  Latex can stretch and bend… but it tends to fold like clothing when you bend it far enough.  It didn’t look very realistic for things like pulling lekku over your shoulders. Silicone, on the other hand, folds much more like skin does when you bend your elbow.  I simply like the look of it more, for this specific purpose.

Ultimately I chose to do this to ensure the highest quality in my lekku.  Painting silicone is a delicate and challenging process, far more difficult than painting latex of bodypainting.  It made sense to me to take on the challenge myself so that you can simply order them and trust that your paint job will be the very best quality right out of the box.

If you have a specific color in mind, please feel free to discuss it with me!  We can arrange to send me a color sample by mail so that I can ensure the lekku match as closely as possible.

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