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Qunari Inquisitor

Dragon Age Inquisition

I don’t have a lot of time for video games – being self-employed as a prop-maker means spending long hours building costumes and props.  Doesn’t leave as much time for games as I used to take.  But when Dragon Age: Inquisition came out… I was absolutely hooked.  I pretty much set every cosplay aside and played it all the way through.  Twice. My first character was an elven mage… but my second character was a Qunari warrior.  And I loved her. So when my friends started planning their DA:I cosplays… I knew exactly who I needed to be.


Inquisitor Adaar’s armor is a mixture of materials, primarily Sintra & Terraflex.  I wanted a solid, sturdy armor, so Sintra was an obvious choice.  But a lot of the details were too fine for sintra to accomplish.  So the details themselves were done in Terraflex.  What’s nice is Terraflex, when heated, will stick directly to Sintra without any glue, so all of my lines are very clean.  No spillover!

Soft Parts (Clothing)

Most of the clothing is made of stretch knits.  It’s an awesome material to work with – stretchy like spandex is, but with a more high-quality texture and appearance. Unless I need a metallic texture, I generally choose knits over spandex every time.

The leather scalemail is actually a faux-leather fabric I stumbled across.  Originally I was going to do that by hand, but after finding that fabric, I knew it was perfect for the shoulder and the legs.


The horns were crafted the same way I do all of my horns – sculpted in oil based clay, slathered in silicone to create a mold, and then pour resin into the mold.  I only pour in a bit of resin, and continue to rotate the mold so that the resin coats all of the sides.  This makes the horns hollow inside, which reduces the weight by quite a bit.  In fact, they’re so lightweight, they’re only held on with a single string of elastic around the head.  I don’t even have to photoshop out the string in photos – it blends right into the wig.


For the painting, I use a water based brand called Wolfe.  They come in little pats (like you might be used to seeing in the Halloween stores makeup section) and apply very smoothly with a little bit of work.  Once the base layers of red and grey are on, I use various makeup (gold lip liner, etc.) to apply some extra details.

Costume Details
  • Costume Debut: 10/23/16
  • Bodypaint Brand: Wolfe
  • Materials (Armor): Sintra, Terraflex
  • Materials (Horns): Featherlight Resin
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