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Poison Ivy


(This costume was December 2016’s Patreon Exclusive!)

A holiday version of Poison Ivy seems like a pretty obvious idea, but I was surprised to find next to no pictures of other people doing it! So at the holidays came around, I decided that my easy costume for the month was going to be “Poison Holly.”  Yes, that pun made me laugh way too much.

Underneath the leaves

I wanted to make this costume pretty risque, given that it was such a provocative character to begin with.  Rather than a simple bra & underwear with leaves glued on it, I needed to construct a base from something for a truly unique shape.  The material I chose is this little-known stuff called Foss Shape.

Foss Shape is like worbla, but for fabric.  You can heat shape it to just about any shape you want, you can sew through it, and it stiffens the more heat you apply to it.  This was pretty perfect for what I wanted.  So I shaped a backless bra and some sideless underwear from it. From there, all I needed to do was hot glue a bunch of fake plant life to the Foss Shape and I had myself a daring set of leafy lingerie.

Actually Wearing the Costume

As you can imagine, it’s not a terribly comfortable costume to wear.  The Foss Shape bra & bottom had to be glued directly to my skin.  Thankfully, using a bit of Pros-Aide, they stuck in place and stayed put for the photoshoot.  Once they were in place, I used the Pros-Aide to glue on additional leaves directly to my body.  The end result looked pretty seamless, like the costume was literally growing directly on me.

I could never wear this costume in public, it’s faaaaar too racy, but the photos were absolutely lovely.  Perhaps one day I’ll make a more convention friendly version.  We shall see!

Costume Details
  • Costume Debut: 12/11/16
  • “Holiday Version”
  • Plant Leaves: Holly
  • Materials: Foss Shape, Leaves, Flowers
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