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Hera Syndulla

Star Wars: Rebels

Lekku (The Headpiece)

Hera’s headpiece is truly a labor of love.  Over a year and a half of work went into getting it right.  Practicing on smaller designs, trial and error, consulting with. Now that it’s complete, I regularly sell them to Twi’lek cosplayers all over the world.  In summary, the lekku are made from synthetic rubber, very similar to latex but a bit more flexible and does not cause allergic reactions.  They are filled with a super flexible foam to make them bounce almost as much as Hera’s do in the animated series.  For a full writeup on my lekku and how they were put together, check out this guide. You can also purchase your own lekku here!


For the painting, since it’s such a small area (just the face) I generally stick with easy, water based paints.  My favorite is Wolfe, a brand you can often find online or as specialty costume shops that are open year round.  It goes on very clean, allowing you to get a nice, consistent color.  One of its downsides is that it doesn’t layer nicely – it works for Hera because she doesn’t have any face tattoos like other Twi’leks sometimes do.  Since it’s one base color, Wolfe is perfect.

Costume Details
  • Costume Debut: 1/3/17
  • Bodypaint Brand: Wolfe
  • Materials (Headpiece): Synthetic Rubber, 2 Part Casting Foam, Acrylic Paint
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