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Fusion Zero Suit Samus

Super Smash Bros

Latex Bodysuit

When deciding on what material to make this out of, I had a couple things to consider.  For one, I absolutely love the way latex zero suit cosplays look.  But as I’ve never worked with latex before, I didn’t want to start with a full blown, multi-layer catsuit.  That sounded like trying to go from 0-60.  So I made the decision to start with a smaller version, first.  Samus’s Fusion Zero Suit was a nice cosplay to learn about latex on.

Latex is a very different type of fabric to work with.  For one, you don’t sew it.  You glue it together, instead.  It’s also difficult to wear because it doesn’t breathe at all and it sticks to you.  But, when worn properly, it looks absolutely incredible and photographs fantastically.  And since it sticks to you so well once you’re in it, it feels like a second skin you hardly notice is there.


The helmet is a resin cast, courtesy of Punished Props.  It’s extremely durable, perfectly constructed, and even came with the green acrylic visor.  All I had to do was some minor painting, and voila!  Another prop down.  I am a big believer in supporting fellow prop makers, so giving Punished Props some of my business was a huge honor.  It’s important to remember you don’t always need to make every part of your costume.  If someone is selling a piece you need, in a quality you’re happy with, for a good price, why not jump on it?


Did you know that the official nintendo Wii gun is actually based exactly on Samus’s pistol?  Yep, it’s true.  That’s a Wii controller in my hand right there.  All it needed was a paint job.

Costume Details
  • Costume Debut: 8/14/16
  • Photos by: Sam Mort Productions
  • Helmet by: Punished Props
  • Materials (Suit): Latex
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