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Asari Dancer

Mass Effect

(This costume was a Patreon exclusive done for 2016’s N7 day.)

Meet Momo!  Momo is an original character of mine from the Mass Effect universe.  Her backstory is kind of fun – she’s an actress who starred in some of the “Blasto: The First Hanar Spectre” movies referenced within the game series.  I kind of based her on the stereotypical “Bond girl” actress from all the old James Bond movies – she’s famous for her looks, not her acting skills. It was a lot of fun coming up with a kind of silly character, and definitely a character who only knows which end of a pistol of point because her director told her.


The bodysuit had a pretty simple pattern to it – standard catsuit with some… *ahem* windows cut out of it. In game, the dancer suits are made out of some pink fabric that almost changes color depending on how the light hits it.  I almost bought that pink fabric… but when I saw the white fabric instead, I thought “It makes sense for a high profile actress to go with a different color, right?”  So, white it was!  I used a bit of silver vinyl to break it up a bit, add some interest to the suit so it wasn’t too monotone.

Asari Headpiece

The headpiece comes from Mad Masker, one of the best and friendliest sculptors I know!  She has been making Asari headpieces in extremely limited quantities each year, so I was very lucky to get my hands on one.  The quality is exquisite, it fits perfectly, and the paint job she did on it is incredible.  I highly, HIGHLY recommend her work to anyone who asks.


For the painting, I use an inexpensive airbrush setup that allows me to spray nice, even coatings in half the time of applying it by hand.  You can read my Bodypaint Equipment guide for more info on which tools I use specifically.  For the orange color, I chose Temptu as the bodypaint brand.  It’s an alcohol paint with fantastic durability, I use it for a lot of my painted costumes.

Costume Details
  • Costume Debut: 11/7/16
  • Bodypaint Brand: Temptu
  • Materials (Clothing): Silver Vinyl, Holographic Spandex
  • Headpiece made by: Mad Masker
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