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One of the best parts about cosplaying are all the events out there I’ve had the opportunity to go to.  It’s a chance to share my knowledge with others, meet new people, and have a whole lot of fun with the attendees!  I’m so very thankful for all the shows that have brought me on as a guest, and I’d love to come to yours next!

As a full time professional prop-maker/cosplayer, I tend to approach guest appearances at shows a little differently than other cosplayers might.  I understand that my role as a guest is best served if I can accomplish two things: get more people to buy tickets, and make sure people have so much fun at your event that they want to come back next year.  If you’re considering bringing me to your show, here’s some of what you can expect from me!

Cosplay Panels!

As a professional prop-maker, I have plenty of panels and workshops that I can host for your convention.  Tutorials, Q&As, Presentations, and more!  Here’s some of the panels I have prepared, though I’m always open to discussing other ideas!

Ask Amber anything!  What’s the best way to make armor super shiny? How did your make your Twi’lek head tails? What’s it like working on cosplay full time?  Who is that cat we keep seeing in your twitch stream?!  Any questions are fair game, whether you’re looking for advice on your next cosplay or just want to know what Amber’s favorite TV show is, she’s an open book!

One of the best things about cosplay is getting to be someone you’re not — or, someTHING you’re not!

Amber Brite is a professional special effects artist, prop maker, and cosplayer with years of experience recreating alien and fantasy creatures from your favorite movies & shows.  From giant head pieces, latex masks, legs that bend backwards, bodypaint, and more, Amber can show you all the tools of the trade for cosplaying something that isn’t exactly human.

This is a panel designed for cosplayers who have a beginner’s knowledge but want to learn more specialized techniques for cosplaying aliens. We will focus on altering the human form through make-up techniques, prosthetics, and other body-additions.

Bodypainting can be one of the most exciting ways to add some “wow” factor to a costume.  Whether changing your entire skin blue for an alien costume, or painting on a tattoo to match your character for a day, it’s so important to get right.  But where do you begin!

Begin right here with this panel.  Amber Brite has been doing bodypainted characters for years, and is best known for her Star Wars alien cosplays.  She will be walking you through each step of her process and show you how to get an excellent looking paint job that is both easy to apply & doesn’t break the bank.  She’ll cover all the basics – how to apply, what types of paints you can use, and some tips & tricks she’s learned along the way that will make your life easier!

Making custom molds is one of the most useful skills a cosplayer can learn.  Especially if you need to make the same prop several times for your cosplay!  It’s also an incredibly intimidating hobby, and there aren’t many guides out there to help you get started.  Come to this panel, and we’ll get you set on the right path.

Learn the differences between the types of molds, what materials you can use to cast with (Latex, Silicone, Foam, Resin, & More), see some molds up close!  See a walkthrough of all the steps and what they look like, and ask any questions you may have.  When you leave, you’ll walk away with everything you need to get started on your own mold-making adventure!

If you’ve spent any time following Cosplay, you’ve probably heard of Worbla.  And for good reason!  It’s pretty awesome stuff.  It’s really easy to work with, can be molded and shaped however you want, you can use a bunch of techniques to finish & paint its surface however you like.

It does have some limitations, though, so it’s not perfect for every costume.  It’s also very expensive, and not everyone can get it locally so shipping costs get pretty extreme too.  This panel will cover some of the best alternatives!  There are plenty of materials out there which are less expensive, easy to work with, and easy to find.  How many of them are your familiar with?

Shaping armor is a key part of so many costumes.  There are plenty of guides out there to show you the basic techniques, but a lot of the more advanced methods aren’t really talked about.  In this panel, we’re going to lift the curtain and show you some of the tricks you can use to create some of the most complicated armor in cosplay.

Come be part of a live demonstration as we pick random audience members to pose, and we’ll walk you through the process of creating an epic Cosplay photo right on stage!

Eye-Catching Booth Display!

I take a lot of pride in building a booth that is attractive and engaging.  At each convention, I put a lot of thought into what fits best with the type of fans that will be attending.  Some of the booth displays I’ve done in the past:

  • Print Signings
  • Casual Props/Horns/Etc (As seen on right)
  • High End Props/Costume Showcase
  • Photobooth w/ backdrop & lighting
  • Sit-down lounge for fans to hang out with me

I take my booth very seriously and always make sure to guarantee a few things.  I will be available at my booth as much as possible (barring and panels/costume contests/etc that I am scheduled to host).    I will actively engage with fans (no sitting on my phone ignoring people, etc.), and I will make sure anyone I speak to leaves with a smile.  It’s very important to me that I be a visible and friendly guest that leaves good impressions on your fans.

Costume Contest!

In my time cosplaying, I have won several awards at costume contests, and judged many more.  Judging contests is one of my favorite parts of the guest role.  For many attendees, the contest is the highlight of the convention, and I think it’s extremely important for the judges to not only be well versed in as many crafting techniques as possible, but to also be fun and entertaining with the crowd.  It’s one of the places a cosplay guest like myself can make the biggest impact on how much fun the fans have.

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