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5 Totally Awesome Twi’lek Cosplays!

5 Totally Awesome Twi’lek Cosplays!

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There are some pretty incredible Twi’lek cosplayers out there!  Those of you who know me know Twi’leks have pretty much consumed my life! I sell Twi’lek lekku, I cosplay them all the time, and I love meeting other Twi’lek cosplayers out in the wild!

I wanted to share with you some really awesome Twi’leks I’ve come across.  Now, these are in no particular order, just 5 incredible cosplayers that deserve some love.

Would you like to be featured as well?  Been thinking about cosplaying a Twi’lek, yourself?  Take a look at the bottom of the article to learn more!

Byrning Raven Twi'lek Assassin Dancer Cosplay

Byrning Raven

Facebook Page: Byrning Raven

Byrning Raven is not only a fantastic cosplayer, she also does a ton of lightsaber spinning routines!  Her page is definitely worth a follow! (P.S. She gets extra brownie points for being one of my first customers! She makes my lekku look gooooood.)

Lady Cleo Twi'lek Dancer Cosplay

Lady Cleo Cosplay

Facebook Page: Lady Cleo Cosplay

Lady Cleo has a bunch of Twi’lek costumes as well! All sorts of colors and outfits.  She really brings her characters to life with her unique designs.

Detenten Cosplay Twi'lek Dancer Oola

Detenten Cosplay

Facebook Page: Detenten Cosplay

What an absolutely fantastic Oola cosplay!  Let me tell you from personal experience, the amount of time it takes to put on that much bodypaint is just insane.  So much dedication!

Michelle Darth Talon Twi'lek Cosplay


Michelle doesn’t have a facebook page yet, but her Darth Talon was just too good not to share!  I love all the details that went into this!

Darth Bambi Sith Twi'lek Cosplay

Darth Bambi

Facebook: Darth Bambi

Darth Bambi is a pale purple Sith who is regularly involved with a lightsaber dueling club.  I’ve seen some of her performances in person; there’s nothing like watching a Twi’lek Sith go all rage monster on a poor Jedi!

Want to Be

Send me your best Twi’lek photo to my Facebook account!

Any photos you send should be at least semi-professional (i.e. shouldn’t look like a room in your house or a convention floor) and get a good view of your costume!

Other Star Wars aliens are welcome to send theirs in, too!  Maybe I’ll do some features for Togrutas, or Zabraks, or who knows what else?

Want to Cosplay a

I sell Twi’lek lekku right here on my website!  The headtails I make are some of the most flexible and life-like lekku available.  They actually swing and wiggle as you walk.  They can also come in virtually any color!

If you do purchase my lekku, please send me photos of your costume so I can feature you as well!

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